Monday, 28 December 2009

Our walk today!

( Sorry uploaded them all the wrong way round. but anyway.) This was the weather as we walked home. You can just make out the beach from where we had just come from. As you will see the sun had been shining and we had enjoyed a very pleasant walk along the beach.
A view of Cullen harbour.

The good thing about his coat is the water and snow just sit on it. A good shake and most of its gone!

I met my brother and his family just outside my house when we arrived home. The kids n dogs fair enjoyed the snow, however the adults were somewhat wary of the ice under the snow!!!!


  1. They remind me so much of my two.
    And here I was thinking it was cold here! You pictures make my part of the world seem like summertime.

  2. Liked your pics. Haven't seen too many lately!
    Winter has decided to visit Scotland this year. Your dogs seem to enjoy it as do mine, especially the pups.


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