Friday, 31 July 2009

On wur Jaunts!

We took a runny to Alford for the day. I was meant to be doing my books but the weather was too nice to be sat indoors. But it was nice to let Chucky dog see her sisters.

On wur jaunts!

We popped in past to visit Gighas litter sisters. As i cant see their collars i cant tell you which one is which. They are colour coded!! However Gigha is sitting on the bunker.
Gighas two sisters

Logie, Corrie(Logies Mum), Tinkerbell (Logies sister) Gigha and Arran. The dogs were being driven mad by flies that were buzzing round their heads and eyes, hence no-one looked at the camera.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Highland canine asociation 2009

Logie does it again and wins Best Import at Highland Canine Association.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Westfield House

The dogs enjoyed a walk at Duffus House after attending a Companion show at Westfield house nr Elgin.
Pansy and Jana won the Odd couple whilst Jasper and Sadie came 2nd. However Jasper won the Toy class beating Pansy.Sadie won a 3rd after Logie won Av Junior!

Soggy dogs!!

Jana and Gigha enjoying the moat.

The dogs obviously at home in their grand surroundings of Duffus Castle!
Sadie enjoyed her swim in the moat.

Jenny prepares the dogs for their photo shoot! Look at that rear movement!!!

Logie and Jana let off steam!

Its nice to see them all play together. Gigha needs a bit of speed to catch up wi these guys!

Best Import at Dundee Premier Open Show!

Logie and I hitched a lift from our dear friend Katrina (Glenfound collies) down to Dundee Premier Open Show. Little bit of a hiccup to start with as we couldnt find our entry in the Import class. However a quick check of the catalogue and we found that Logie had been enterd into Pomeranian Graduate!!! Anyway that didnt put him off as he still managed to win Best Import against some unusual breeds like the cirneco and rarer, slovakian rough haired pointers.

House sitting!

Last weekend saw us house sitting for our friend Lesley down at her kennels nr Forgue. As you can see Logie settled in just fine! However on the first day of Lesley leaving we experienced some freak downpours. The results were spectacular as the burn swell and flooded surrounding fields and roads.
This was the burn the day after it flooded. Though normal in size its a lot deeper than before!

The Sheps investigate the field disapearing. Great quick access to the burn!

The burn should be just behind the tips of the fence! Phil (neighbour) tries to venture with his van but chickened out. The road was submersed in water and silt and had to cleared by a JCB the following morning!

The cows on the other side begin to panic!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

A trip to Forgue

Arran posing
Brint posing

Arran,Gigha,Logie,Brint,Keira,Jasper and Sadie.

Not easy getting them to stay.

When out our walk we had an audience.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bon Accord July 2009!

Junes's Benson does it again with another Best in Show! this time at Seaton Park in Aberdeen. Well done to Helen's Flynn for the res. Two oh so handsome boys!!
The hot weather didn't knock Benson off his stride.

Logie won Best Import.

Little Sadie, (handled by moi,as Jenny was off winning Beginners at Hazelhead park in Obedience),won Best of Breed in Gsds, G4,1st in AV Past puppy and PG3, and 2nd in AV Past Yearling. So at least her owner got her monies worth in Rosettes, as i think between her and Ria they had 12 to take home!!! Think these people are trying to get me fit or something!

Bon Accord July 2009!

Sues's Desmond wins the toy group!
Pearl (Logies breeder) wins Best puppy in Show with Amy!

I handled Junes's Barney and got some big slobs and kisses later on! Cheers Scooter!XX

Ria with Jasper pug,wins his Pug class and Ria won her Junior handling class!

Walkies again!

Gigha loves the water too. Logie wasnt to be seen, too scared to spoil his good looks!
Arran at his favourite spot down at old Claypots Bridge! Its his private pool!

What is it that you can never get them all to look at the same time!