Friday, 20 March 2009

They look so innocent! As you can see they have settled quite well having just arrived from Ireland


Yikes ok you are the boss!!!!

Mussendun Kennel

Congratulations to our Irish friends who have won Top Breeders for another year in Eurasiers. Here are the latest 2pups to joins us here in Scotland from the Mussendun Kennel. Gigha the darker of the 2 has taken up residence with us. She is full of fun and has fairly put the boys in their place. Girlpower!!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Visiting the relations day!

Father and Son

We met up with Logies breeder and introduced Logie to his dad,Giovanni. Gio is still a big softy n just loves his cuddles. Two handsome boys!
Logie and Giovanni meet for the first time.Nae bother!

Logies dad Giovanni. Aint he handsome?

Baby akita pup came to visit too!
On my way to see Pearl (Logies breeder) we popped past Lesleys at Forgue and took dogs for a romp across the fields. We had 3generations with Oban Grandad,Brodie Mother and Rhana baby(ish). Below is Jodie who is dead ringer for her father.

Everyone is off rabbit hunting whilst Arran just wants his stick, too scared to leave his mammy.

Oban with his daughters Brodie & Jodie,Logie, Rhana and Lesley.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

As you can see it was gi muddy. But it was interesting seeing this old derelect house. Bit spooky though.Shame it couldnt be restored to former glory.You could just imagine the horses n carriages going by.
Ria has those Shepherds under control!

Is it a ghost? Nah just Ria!
This is Jana doing Tigger impressions!

Is it love?

We met up with Sue,Jenny and Ria for a dog walk at Lesleys by Forgue. Everyone else is at Crufts or by their computer watching results and we roughed it in the pouring rain enjoying why we have dogs in the first place!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Old Man!

Oban loves his bed!


Arran shows off his trophies!


Arran still likes to 'sook a blanket'. He goes off to dreamland sucking his vetbed.

Meet Jasper pug!

Logie and Jasper are best buddies and have grown up together,well Logie grew up, Jasper just filled out.Jasper was just the cutest puppy though.

Jasper isn't a morning person, its a hard life being cute!

Meet Ria with Jasper pug, Brint and Keira.

Good Luck Benson!

Here is June with Mr Benson, another of Logie bears chums. He is going down to Crufts this week as he has been extra good and won all his classes this last year. He also won a RCC which is a terrific achievment especially as he was still a puppy when he won it. A BIG puppy at that! So good luck Benson and do us proud!!XXX


Just the other week we met up with Logies half brother Hendrix who lives down in Banff. The boys had such fun together it was lovely to see them play. I might just say it wasnt easy getting pictures as they wouldn't sit still until they they exhausted themselves!


My 2 Gsds used to love playing on the bales of straw,I thought they might spring into action once they were set loose on them. However oldage has been mean and they watched as Logie took to it without a problem.