Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bon Accord July 2009!

Junes's Benson does it again with another Best in Show! this time at Seaton Park in Aberdeen. Well done to Helen's Flynn for the res. Two oh so handsome boys!!
The hot weather didn't knock Benson off his stride.

Logie won Best Import.

Little Sadie, (handled by moi,as Jenny was off winning Beginners at Hazelhead park in Obedience),won Best of Breed in Gsds, G4,1st in AV Past puppy and PG3, and 2nd in AV Past Yearling. So at least her owner got her monies worth in Rosettes, as i think between her and Ria they had 12 to take home!!! Think these people are trying to get me fit or something!


  1. Benson is such a lovely dog

    Glenn xx

  2. cool pics!
    could have been done with at least another couple of rosettes though! hee hee!


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